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2014 Financial Articles Archive

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(327) – This Year Proved to be a Difficult One

(326) – Investors Deserve Equal Pay

(325) – A Holiday Gift for Everyone

(324) – Volatility Does Not Measure Risk

(323) – The Best and Worst of Equity Markets

(322) – Never Bet On Our Government

(321) – A Nightmare on Main Street

(320) – Concentrated Holding Have No Place in a Portfolio

(319) – Discount Shopping is So Much Fun

(318) – Oh How Soon We Forget

(317) – Don’t Be Upset About Missing Out on Alibaba

(316) – Mutual Fund Investors Aren’t Invited to the Super Bowl

(315) – A Deeper Dive Into Mutual Fund Tax Issues

(314) – A Great Strategy for Mutual Funds

(313) – The Days of Easy Income Are Over

(312) – An Explanation for Why We Haven’t Seen A Correction

(311) – Corrections Are Not Predictable

(310) – Defensive Strategies Aren’t Always Bearish

(309) – The Power of Strategic Dividend Growth

(308) – The Fed Does Not Manage Money

(307) – Economies Are Rarely Perfect

(306) – A Case Study For Behavioral Science

(305)- Will An Escalation

(304) – The Predictive Nature of Equities

(303) – Move Over ZIRP, Welcome NIRP

(302) – The Issue With Socially Responsible Investing

(301) – Activist Investors Play An Important Role

(300) – The Three Types of Lies

(299) – Why Are Treasuries So Strong This Year

(298)- Deal Activity Is On Fire

(297)- The Psychology Behind Apple’s Stock Split

(296) – The War Goes On

(295) – High Frequency Trading Is Irrelevant

(294)- Do We Even Have An Unemployment Problem

(293) – The Fed Cannot Fix Unemployment

(262) MINC – Under the Hood

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