Secured Real Estate Investment Opportunities

9437880_s-150x150While foreclosures should be avoided, private lenders have the security of knowing there is a clear path in place for recovery if a loan goes into default.

This program is an informal group of individual real estate investors who fund first lien mortgage loans. Texas Financial Advisory attracts a steady flow of borrowers looking for short term bridge loans for residential real estate investment projects. The borrowers and their projects are pre-screened in an effort to provide high quality private lending opportunities.

The platform is fundamentally an asset-based lending program with the primary emphasis on the real estate collateralizing the loan. The private lender chooses whether or not to participate in the funding opportunities as they are presented, and the private lenders always directly secure the loan with a first lien on a tangible real estate asset. Consequently, if the borrower defaults on his or her loan, then private lender takes ownership of the property through foreclosure. Texas Financial Advisory oversees the disposition of the property.

Important Disclosure: Lending opportunities offered through Texas Financial Advisory involve various degrees of risk including the loss of principal investment. These types of investments are not liquid, not guaranteed and not insured by any government agency, institution or Texas Financial Advisory. These types of investments are best suited for sophisticated and accredited real estate investors. Risk related to all securities and investment products can never be completely eliminated. This announcement shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy securities. Texas Financial Advisory’s business of brokering, assigning or selling loans to private lenders is exempt from securities registration under the Texas Securities Act (article 581.5j).