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Archive for May 2019

3 Written Retirement Plan Strategies

You’ll likely hear time and time again about the importance of having a “written retirement or financial plan” that you can rely on. And what does that really mean, you might ask? Well, a “written strategy” is one that helps you define when, where, and how you will get income from your portfolio. It helps…

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Financial Freedom Roadmap

If you have listened to my radio show, attended one of my live events, checked out my website, you see that we often talk about having your TFA Financial Freedom Roadmap. The question is, what is actually in that roadmap? Watch the video below to dive into what it consists of.

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401K Alternatives

So you don’t like your 401k?  ​​They can be great to force you to save, but they can he horrible at controling your investment vehicle. Take a look at this short video below on some ideas on how to think outside the box when it comes to investing outside of your 401(k)

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Wealth Management Defined

Wealth management = investment consulting + advanced planning + relationship management The easy shorthand for the formula is this: WM = IC + AP + RM Investment consulting addresses the top concern of our clients: preserving their wealth. It is the primary offering of most financial advisors. Advanced planning addresses the four primary financial concerns…

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