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Archive for July 2019

2019 Five Star Award

We are pleased to announce that Brooklynn Chandler Willy has won the 2019 Five Star Wealth Manager award! ​​Five Star Professional has recognized in the pages of Texas Monthly an outstanding group of Austin, San Antonio and Central Texas region wealth managers. Five Star Wealth Managers are named using an in-depth research methodology that includes…

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What Is A Roth Conversion?

As many individuals become more concerned about the impact of taxes in retirement, Roth IRAs present a unique retirement vehicle to consider. In certian situations, a conversion to a Roth IRA may make sense for you. Take a look at my new video as we dive into Roth conversions. You can book a call below…

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Your Most Valuable Assets for Retirement

Think for a few moments about everything you’ve put aside for retirement. Go ahead, take a second. So what do you think is your most valuable asset going into retirement? I have a feeling we have an answer that will surprise you. This show looks at the most important assets people can carry with them into…

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Building Blocks for a Rock-Solid Retirement

We’ve all heard that we need to save for retirement. But the end goal seems more elusive today than ever. Is there a way to save that will actually have a larger positive impact on the retirement bottom line? Are there certain financial building blocks that, when put in place now, will help create a…

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