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Financial Freedom Roadmap

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | May 13, 2019

If you have listened to my radio show, attended one of my live events, checked out my website, you see that we often talk about having your TFA Financial Freedom Roadmap. The question is, what is actually in that roadmap? Watch the video below to dive into what it consists of.

401K Alternatives

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | May 8, 2019

So you don’t like your 401k?  ​​They can be great to force you to save, but they can he horrible at controling your investment vehicle. Take a look at this short video below on some ideas on how to think outside the box when it comes to investing outside of your 401(k)

Wealth Management Defined

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | May 6, 2019

Wealth management = investment consulting + advanced planning + relationship management The easy shorthand for the formula is this: WM = IC + AP + RM Investment consulting addresses the top concern of our clients: preserving their wealth. It is the primary offering of most financial advisors. Advanced planning addresses the four primary financial concerns…

Create Your Vision For Retirement In 3 Steps

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | April 1, 2019

How do we turn our retirement dreams into reality? It’s a big question that many of us are unsure how to answer. This show provides three key steps to take now that can help listeners make that bucket list come to life in retirement. We’ll explore financial strategies that cover the cost-of-living basics — and…

Tax Season Is Upon Us

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | March 5, 2019

Tax season is upon us, and it’s time to figure out if and how changes brought by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will affect you. Bear in mind that adjustments have been made in each of these areas:1 Individual tax income brackets and tax rates Standard deduction (doubled) Personal exemptions (eliminated) Child credit (increased)…

Key Components to Wealth Management in Retirement

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | March 4, 2019

You’ve likely heard of the concept “wealth management” before. Just stringing together a definition when thinking about those two words is simple… if you have wealth, you are managing that wealth. And to manage that wealth, it involves making decisions on where it goes, how it’s invested, and how it should change over time. More…

Our Formula

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | February 13, 2019

Here at Texas Financial Advisory I am proud to say we operate a holistic comprehensive wealth management firm focused on taxes, investments & estate planning. There is a formula to help better understand what that means. Wealth Management = Investment Consulting + Advanced Planning + Relationship Management. I created a fun video that better explains…

The Eight Pillars of a Sound Retirement Strategy

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | November 26, 2018

In construction, the key to a sturdy, long-lasting house is the foundation. The same goes for people seeking to build a solid financial house for retirement: It all starts with a sturdy foundation. This show details the eight pillars — assets, income, protective features and more — that go into building a financial house for…

Diversification & Your Retirement Portfolio

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | November 12, 2018

One key to making your financial ride through retirement smoother, more predictable and less stressful can be summed up in one word: Diversification. With retirement approaching or already here, there are four diversification levels to visit — four boxes to check to help reduce market risk AND position your assets for growth. We’ll walk you through…

The Importance of Personal Umbrella Policies

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | November 5, 2018

The benefits of umbrellas You have insurance policies on your house and vehicles. You might also insure other types of property you own (boats, airplanes, etc.). But do you have enough coverage, considering your personal wealth? If you’re financially successful, the answer may be a resounding no. The reason is that most insurance policies top…