Investments Affecting Your Taxes?

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | June 18, 2019

One of the most common questions I often hear from people is: “How are my investments affecting my taxes?”. Take a look at this weeks video below as we go a little deeper into this frequently asked question. Advisory services offered through J.W Cole Advisors, Inc. (JWCA). Texas Financial Advisory and JWCA are unaffiliated entities.

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3 Written Retirement Plan Strategies

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | May 28, 2019

You’ll likely hear time and time again about the importance of having a “written retirement or financial plan” that you can rely on. And what does that really mean, you might ask? Well, a “written strategy” is one that helps you define when, where, and how you will get income from your portfolio. It helps…

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