The Eight Pillars of a Sound Retirement Strategy

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | November 26, 2018

In construction, the key to a sturdy, long-lasting house is the foundation. The same goes for people seeking to build a solid financial house for retirement: It all starts with a sturdy foundation. This show details the eight pillars — assets, income, protective features and more — that go into building a financial house for…

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Diversification & Your Retirement Portfolio

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | November 12, 2018

One key to making your financial ride through retirement smoother, more predictable and less stressful can be summed up in one word: Diversification. With retirement approaching or already here, there are four diversification levels to visit — four boxes to check to help reduce market risk AND position your assets for growth. We’ll walk you through…

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Health Care Reform Here To Stay

By Brooklynn Chandler tfa | September 9, 2015

If there were any lingering doubts about the long-term sustainability of the Affordable Care Act (also known as the ACA or Obamacare), a recent Supreme Court ruling assured the health care overhaul is here to stay. Read More:  4-Health Care Reform Here to Stay_8-11-15 Global Financial Private Capital (GFPC) has no affiliation with the news…

What’s That You Say?

By Brooklynn Chandler tfa | August 6, 2015

People are notorious for saying things they don’t actually mean, particularly during an argument. On the flip side, saying things that have a different meaning than what’s intended is human nature and often the cause of an argument in the first place. After all, no one is a mind reader. READ MORE:   What’s That You…

Over Thinking Retirement Income Planning

By Brooklynn Chandler tfa | June 25, 2013

You can’t pick up a newspaper or magazine or scan Internet headlines today without seeing something about the challenges of retirement and new surveys about how unprepared people are. Yes, it’s a concern. But consider for a moment that, really, it’s a personal one. You can solve your own concerns — you don’t have to…

The Heat of Negotiations

By Brooklynn Chandler tfa | June 25, 2013

As we approach the dog days of summer, the world’s elected officials are pouring on the heat in political debates ranging from Euro debt to global trade agreements. Greece and its creditors have been arguing over how much debt Greece must repay each year. The discord has led others in the European Union — even…