Tax Season Is Upon Us

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | March 5, 2019

Tax season is upon us, and it’s time to figure out if and how changes brought by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will affect you. Bear in mind that adjustments have been made in each of these areas:1 Individual tax income brackets and tax rates Standard deduction (doubled) Personal exemptions (eliminated) Child credit (increased)…

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Key Components to Wealth Management in Retirement

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | March 4, 2019

You’ve likely heard of the concept “wealth management” before. Just stringing together a definition when thinking about those two words is simple… if you have wealth, you are managing that wealth. And to manage that wealth, it involves making decisions on where it goes, how it’s invested, and how it should change over time. More…

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Unique Challenges Executive & Business Owners Face

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | August 22, 2018

In this weeks video blog, I explain how a financial advisor could help an executive or business owner through unique challenges. After you watch the video click on this link so we can setup a time to discuss these challenges.

Is Your Balance Sheet Healthy Enough For Retirement?

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | August 20, 2018

Every other day it seems like there are new ways to help us stay healthy: practicing yoga, taking fish oil or turmeric supplements, solving Sudoku puzzles, the list goes on. And as we get older – and perhaps face a couple more wrinkles or aches and pains – many of us tend to pay more…

Correcting The Ship When There’s a Market Correction

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | August 16, 2018

After experiencing an extraordinary run for the market, February 2018 proved to be a stark reminder of market volatility with the Dow dropping by more than 2,000 points in a 4-day period. Such an event reminds us that when planning for retirement, market volatility is still a force we absolutely need to consider, because such…

10 Ways To Make Your Money Work

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | August 13, 2018

There are always those gnawing questions: What could I be doing to get my money to work harder for me? How to get more out of my retirement assets? As hard as people work for their money, they deserve ways to get their money to work harder for them, especially with retirement approaching or already here.…

How To Find A Financial Advisor You Can Trust

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | August 9, 2018

In a world increasingly saturated by competing advice, it’s crucial to find a financial services professional you can trust. What are some questions that you should ask when seeking out a financial advisor? Once you are ready to take the next step, book an introductory call with us below.

The “Tax Time Bomb”

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | August 7, 2018

The wealthiest investors I have worked with have larger Roths or larger post-taxed accounts than they have in qualified, tax deferred accounts.  The “Tax Time Bomb” is something you hear me talk a lot about at my seminars and on the radio.  We are trained to put as much money as we can away as…

Wealth and the Trump Effect

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | August 7, 2018

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was meant to kickstart the economy with growth not seen in a decade. Six months in, the results are a bit lackluster. Business investment has increased only slightly throughout the last year (excluding oil and gas, which are highly volatile).1 This begs the question — how much impact do…

Building Blocks for a Rock-Solid Retirement

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | August 6, 2018

We’ve all heard that we need to save for retirement. But the end goal seems more elusive today than ever. Is there a way to save that will actually have a larger positive impact on the retirement bottom line? Are there certain financial building blocks that, when put in place now, will help create a…

3 Risks That Every Investor Should Know

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | August 1, 2018

People always talk about “risk” in investing articles, but rarely explain what they mean by it. What sorts of risks should I be concerned about when investing and planning for retirement and what can I do about them? In the video below I explain 3 risks that investors should be aware of. Ready to discuss?…

Investing for Growth and Income: Why you need both, and how to get them

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | July 30, 2018

Saving for retirement is one thing. But figuring how or where to invest that money can be quite another. Do you invest for growth or for income? That is, generally speaking, do you invest in stocks or bonds? For most people, historically the answer has come down to where they are relative to retirement: If…