Is the Bear Market Coming Out of Hibernation?

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | August 19, 2019

While we may remember 2008 and the damage the market caused to our economy, it’s also hard to remember that bear markets happen more often than we remember, especially after the market went on a remarkable bull run. But the market is beginning to look dubious again and who knows what awaits in 2019, 2020…

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How to Address Major Risks to Your Retirement Assets

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | August 12, 2019

Most people consider longevity to be one of the biggest threats to a retirement portfolio. The risk that the portfolio won’t have the legs to last as long as you do. But what many of us don’t know is what to do about it. That is, how to protect a portfolio against not lasting through…

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Retiring Business Owner? Plan For Succession

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | September 17, 2018

If you’re a small business owner, you’ve invested a great deal of time and effort into building your company. With day-to-day demands, it may be difficult to imagine your eventual transition into retirement. Yet, if you wantto build personal financial security and ensure business continuation, it is important to plan ahead. Business succession planning can…

Wills Are For Everyone

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | August 29, 2018

When legendary singer Aretha Franklin died of advanced pancreatic cancer at age 76, she did not have a will or trust, according to documents filed in Oakland County Probate Court. And now that $80 million estate of the intensely private Queen of Soul is about to become very public and possibly very taxing for her…

Are You Really Ready to Retire?

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | August 27, 2018

Deciding to retire is one of the biggest steps a person will take in their lifetime. When one part of you is saying, “It’s time,” it’s important to pause and ask, “Am I in a good financial place to retire?” This show can help listeners answer that question for themselves by providing them with eight…

Unique Challenges Executive & Business Owners Face

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | August 22, 2018

In this weeks video blog, I explain how a financial advisor could help an executive or business owner through unique challenges. After you watch the video click on this link so we can setup a time to discuss these challenges.

Is Your Balance Sheet Healthy Enough For Retirement?

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | August 20, 2018

Every other day it seems like there are new ways to help us stay healthy: practicing yoga, taking fish oil or turmeric supplements, solving Sudoku puzzles, the list goes on. And as we get older – and perhaps face a couple more wrinkles or aches and pains – many of us tend to pay more…

How To Find A Financial Advisor You Can Trust

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | August 9, 2018

In a world increasingly saturated by competing advice, it’s crucial to find a financial services professional you can trust. What are some questions that you should ask when seeking out a financial advisor? Once you are ready to take the next step, book an introductory call with us below.

Building Blocks for a Rock-Solid Retirement

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | August 6, 2018

We’ve all heard that we need to save for retirement. But the end goal seems more elusive today than ever. Is there a way to save that will actually have a larger positive impact on the retirement bottom line? Are there certain financial building blocks that, when put in place now, will help create a…

3 Risks That Every Investor Should Know

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | August 1, 2018

People always talk about “risk” in investing articles, but rarely explain what they mean by it. What sorts of risks should I be concerned about when investing and planning for retirement and what can I do about them? In the video below I explain 3 risks that investors should be aware of. Ready to discuss?…

Investing for Growth and Income: Why you need both, and how to get them

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | July 30, 2018

Saving for retirement is one thing. But figuring how or where to invest that money can be quite another. Do you invest for growth or for income? That is, generally speaking, do you invest in stocks or bonds? For most people, historically the answer has come down to where they are relative to retirement: If…

Retirement Investing & Roth Conversions

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | June 27, 2018

Retirement planning looks much different than it did a century ago. With lifespans and retirements lasting longer, it’s not just about planning for a financial future; we must also create a post-career strategy that takes into account emotional, intellectual and quality of life challenges during later years. After all, we don’t just stop enjoying life…