Is the Bear Market Coming Out of Hibernation?

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | August 19, 2019

While we may remember 2008 and the damage the market caused to our economy, it’s also hard to remember that bear markets happen more often than we remember, especially after the market went on a remarkable bull run. But the market is beginning to look dubious again and who knows what awaits in 2019, 2020…

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How to Address Major Risks to Your Retirement Assets

By Brooklynn Chandler-Willy | August 12, 2019

Most people consider longevity to be one of the biggest threats to a retirement portfolio. The risk that the portfolio won’t have the legs to last as long as you do. But what many of us don’t know is what to do about it. That is, how to protect a portfolio against not lasting through…

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3 Common Questions About Social Security

By Brooklynn Texas Financial Advisory | July 19, 2017

While Social Security shouldn’t be relied upon to be the sole source of income during retirement, it can play an important role in your overall retirement income strategy. But making sense of the basic ins and outs of Social Security can be overwhelming. Here are three questions people commonly ask as they approach retirement age:…

Potential Models for Retirement Income

By Brooklynn Chandler tfa | July 11, 2017

  As important as it is to plan your retirement goals, you never know what variables could force you to change course. Fortunately, there are a variety of options that can keep speed bumps from running you off the road to retirement. One of the most fluid aspects of retirement is the date. Some people…

Expenses That Come With Caring

By Brooklynn Texas Financial Advisory | July 6, 2017

We spend our lives caring for others — at least if we’re lucky. One of the greatest treasures in life is having people, causes and pets to care for. Unfortunately, caring for others can have its challenges, including additional stress and financial burdens. Sometimes we get so caught up in making money that we don’t…

As You Age, Keep Looking Forward

By Brooklynn Texas Financial Advisory | June 5, 2017

Many people spend a large portion of their lives taking care of people like their spouse, children, siblings and older parents. Here’s a message for those in their later senior years: Don’t stop now. As we age, our concerns start to change. Some people may become preoccupied with ailments and difficulties in their living situations,…