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College Funding

Do you have a college-bound high school student?

Our services are tailored for upper middle to high income or high net worth parents with a high school student who typically will not qualify for need-based financial aid. The Texas Financial Advisory proprietary planning process can potentially reduce our clients' out-of-pocket college costs by tens of thousands of dollars over the college years.

We are able to create the best results for families who want:

– To get educated about the college funding process because knowledge is power
– Professional guidance to help navigate the college funding maze
– A personalized step-by-step roadmap for minimizing college costs

Many advisors provide a few basic pieces of advice when parents have small children and they still have time to save. However, when families get to what we call the “late stage,” when there is no longer time to save, they now need to seek out strategies to help them lower their out-of-pocket costs as much as possible. We would be happy to speak with you or any of your friends and relatives in the near future to discuss in more detail how families might be able to save literally thousands of dollars in college expenses. This is cutting-edge information that parents of high school students simply must hear about!


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