Every other day it seems like there are new ways to help us stay healthy: practicing yoga, taking fish oil or turmeric supplements, solving Sudoku puzzles, the list goes on. And as we get older – and perhaps face a couple more wrinkles or aches and pains – many of us tend to pay more attention to these tips in an effort to maintain and even strengthen our overall physical wellness. But what about our financial wellness? Have you looked at your cash flow lately? How about your assets? Are they strong enough to last as long as you do? Today on the show we’ll look into doing just that. We’ll get into some simple steps people can take to first assess the health of their finances, then to strengthen their personal finance balance sheets. This will include ways to boost savings now as well as help cover health care costs down the road.  So that even when setbacks pop up in retirement years, they’ll know their financial balance sheet has their backs.