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Join Brooklynn for an hour of great financial planning conversation at 11 a.m. every Sunday on San Antonio’s #1 News Radio Station WOAI 1200 AM, and 1 PM on KTSA 550 AM. Each week, Brooklynn shares with her radio show audience the lessons she’s learned in the 10 years of helping retirees and pre-retirees prepare their financial freedom roadmap. Listeners will hear real-life examples of financial strategies utilizing insurance and investments that can help you:

  • Generate retirement income that lasts as long as you do
  • Actively manage the amount of taxes you’ll pay in retirement
  • Create a legacy for your heirs

April 8, 2018 - Diversification Steps to Find the Right Mix for Your Retirement Money

Most people are familiar with the concept of diversification as it applies to their assets — spreading money across stocks, bonds, cash, etc., so all your eggs aren’t in one basket. What many don’t know is that with retirement looming on the horizon, they need to consider several different levels of diversification to give their assets a better chance of providing enough income to last throughout retirement. This show walks listeners through each of the four levels of diversification — across assets classes, within asset classes, in the tax profiles of their assets, and in the income sources they’ll rely upon during retirement — providing them with steps to help ensure their assets are appropriately diversified for the next phase of life.

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